Sametic SKID-2 - smooth paper tube for faster cassettes refilling

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Smooth paper surface-coated tube for even faster cassettes filling.

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Product detailed description

Skid 2 is a coated paper tube for even faster filling of original cartridges into Tommee Tippee® diaper baskets: Nursery Essentials ™, Sangenic® Hygiene Plus, Nappy Wrapper, Nappy Wrapper Maxi, MK3, MK4, MK5, AngelCare®: Captiva, Captiva Deluxe, Captiva Comfort and further: Litter Locker® I, Litter Locker® II, Litter Locker® Plus, Playtex® Nappy Genie, Windeleimer StarPlus®, Vital Baby and others.

Dimensions: 130 (inner diameter) x 3 (wall thickness) x 280 (length) mm.


  1. Open the cassette.
  2. Place the SKID-2 on the cassette.
  3. Thread the end of the Sametic film onto the SKID-2.
  4. Thread the required amount of foil on the SKID-2.
  5. Press the film from SKID 2 into the cassette.
  6. Remove SKID 2 from the cassette.
  7. Close the cassette, if the cassette allows it.
  8. Pull the end of the film out of the cassette and tie a knot on it.
  9. Thread the knot through the center of the cartridge and place it in the basket. Information for you: The standard original cartridge from the basket manufacturers contains from 6.6 to 12.2 m of foil. For convenient and fast filling, we recommend filling cartridges with 6-12 m of Sametic foil using the SKID 2 tube.

More information, picture instructions and video instructions here:

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