Sametic 400m refill + SKID-2 for Sangenic, Angelcare cassettes

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97,94 € –60 %
Sametic 400m refill + SKID-2 for Sangenic, Angelcare cassettes
97,94 € –60 % 38,34 €

Refill for up to 60 cassettes. Includes: SKID-2, for faster cassettes refilling and 400 meters of Sametic foil.

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Product detailed description

Refill for up to 60 cartridges: AngelCare®: Classic, Captiva, Captiva Deluxe, Captiva Comfort, Dress Up and further: Litter Locker® I, Litter Locker® II, Litter Locker® Plus or 32 cartridges: Tommee Tippee®: Simplee, Twist & Click, Nursery Essentials, Sangenic® Hygiene Plus, Nappy Wrapper, Nappy Wrapper Maxi, MK3, MK4, MK5, Playtex® nappy Genie, Windeleimer StarPlus®, Vital Baby, Munchkin Pail, Munchkin Step.

Polyethylene film is slightly thicker than the original film to increase safety when handling and emptying the basket. Hypoallergenic, without chemical additives. To refill the cassette is quick and easy thanks to the SKID-2 tool, which enables fast filling of the cassettes (offered separately). This package  does not include plastic cassette, because you can use an empty original cassette from the bin.

Using Sametic you are more environmentally friendly.

The foil is intended for cassettes in the diaper bins:

Tommee Tippee®:
  • Sangenic Twist & Click
  • Sangenic® Hygiene Plus
  • Sangenic® Tec
  • Sangenic® Simplee
  • MK3
  • MK4
  • MK5
  • Nappy Wrapper
  • Nappy Wrapper Maxi
  • Nursery Essentials™
  • Captiva
  • Captiva Deluxe
  • Captiva Comfort





and more:
  • Litter Locker® I
  • Litter Locker® II
  • Litter Locker® Plus
  • Playtex® Diaper Genie
  • Windeleimer Startplus
  • Vital Baby
  • Munchkin Pail
  • Munchkin Step


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Category: Diaper disposal
Weight: 3 kg
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